Apr. 6th, 2017 07:15 pm
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Apparently my only previous post on DW prior to my importing my LJ was about joining DW due to craziness on LJ in 2011. Still appropriate 6 years later even though I never used it after that. Oh LJ, LJ, whatever happened to you? Selling out to the Russians did nobody any good.
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Given the craziness at lj, have joined the throngs here at DW.
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I am, theoretically, within a month or so of finishing my thesis. The bloody thing WILL be done by the spring quarter deadline. PERIOD.

(Not to say I don't very much enjoy my topic, but dangit, I want to be done with it!)

New mantra: Almost there, almost there, almost there....


Mar. 23rd, 2008 07:34 pm
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Well, I'm on spring break, which admittedly means less for me than it does for a lot of students, though it means I have a week off of work as I work at the University.

I completed my coursework for my last class on Friday, and so now I have just under five weeks to finish my MA thesis, get it all pretty, and submit it to the University. I don't walk 'til June, but I'll be done with the degree work so I'll effectively have my degree.

So now what?
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Today I have to finish a take-home final exam and write a quick comparative paper on two forms of Zen Buddhism. Gotta love straight-forward philosophical approaches, doncha? Well, at least it was an interesting class. Definitely made me think. I also have to prove to my thesis committee that I've been productive this quarter. I'm not submitting 'til next quarter, so I haven't really written much, but I've been working on it, really, I have!

I finish the quarter this week, and am then off 'til after the new year. Finals submissions and work this week. And then we have holidays, we do. Woo. Break out the 'nog!
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While I'm at it, a news update could be of use. I am officially a thesis away from a Master's degree, which I intend to submit next March. I've been working on the degree since January of 2006, and as I will finish with mutiple extra classes, haven't been rushing through, but have been enjoying the process.

In the meantime, I've been involved in various activities, volunteering as a Big Sister, etc. I am also a terrible correspondent, and heartily apologize to those people out there who might have wanted to hear from me. Especially those who I should have sent congratulations to. Hopefully you know who you are. *sigh* I shall try to do better.

Anyway, I shall try to do better, and as I am now aware of people's being here, I've got more incentive. *mwah*

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I've had this particular journal for a while, after having managed to lose the password to my previous incarnation...

And I just discovered several RL friends are in fact on lj. So, I figured I'd finally get off my tush and post something here, rather than just lurking on all my various groups, etc. So yeah. Hi there.

And tah then. 'Tis bed time for me soon.

*hugs* to the world.


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