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Well, I'm on spring break, which admittedly means less for me than it does for a lot of students, though it means I have a week off of work as I work at the University.

I completed my coursework for my last class on Friday, and so now I have just under five weeks to finish my MA thesis, get it all pretty, and submit it to the University. I don't walk 'til June, but I'll be done with the degree work so I'll effectively have my degree.

So now what?

Date: 2008-03-29 03:37 pm (UTC)
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hope you enjoyed your break... and I imagine you're glad to no longer in classes... though classes do get a body out of the house now and again. Good luck with the thesis. What's it on?

Happy Birthday! Have anything fun planned? Friends events/family events? I'm hoping to finangle May Day for my birthday... And my birthday is actually on BMC's May Day this year, so Caelin will actually get it right for the first time since freshman year when she says my birthday is May Day.

I have just moved to Kansas City. Got me a job and everything, and I work with really nice people (though starting work is always a bit slow). But the part I'm most excited about is the place to live... I've moved in with an absolutely wonderful girl, and we were down in the basement this morning talking over what it would cost to do it up to take on another inhabitant. We're considering a night nurse as our third housemate. A roommate we'd hardly ever see... Perhaps it would be better not to disrupt the rappor she and I have develped. I planned an outing to a play this week (I Love You Because. It was funny, but not five star quality. My housemate loved it) and she got free tickets to go see 21, which is quite enjoyable, btw. I've been in KC almost three weeks now, and it's working well, so far.

Glad to hear from you. Much love!


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